[Sub ID 4893] Working Forward Program (Carers Tasmania)

Submission ID: 4893
Organisation name: Carers Tasmania
Contact name: Janine Arnold
State: TAS
Contact email: Janine@carerstasmania.org

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Carers Tasmania provides support directly to Young Carers with a first-hand understanding of the challenges they face in their caring role. As part of the national network that is Carers Australia, Carers Tasmania has access to a range of research and findings that reinforce the need for this program along with direct understanding from young carer clients.

Young Carers have limited time and accessibility to education or training due to their caring responsibilities. In addition many carers experience adverse physical and mental health impacts as a result of caring, which also  restrict participation in education and employment.

Both of the above matters can impact on not only Young Carers’ employability from the perspective of an employer (as it relates to education and training experience), but also the Young Carers’ own confidence and willingness to ‘take that next step’ into an employment situation. The personal responses of stress and guilt, along with lack of confidence and fear, can be prohibitive for the young person.  Assuming the transition from school to employment is an easy one for a young carer is unwise, and there is a need for a supported journey of therapeutic AND practical interventions.

What is your idea?

The Working Forward Program will offer a journey of transitional supports:

A. Individual support and group workshop environments regarding matters related to transitioning to work.
B. Address the stress and guilt factors that could be evident through a) leaving the caring role and b) transitioning to an unfamiliar environment via workshops that are already delivered by Carers Tasmania.
C. One-to-one goal setting, self esteem and communication skills.
D. Partnering with a Job Network Provider for workshops on resume writing and application preparation.
E. Partner with Red Cross Tasmania to offer volunteering opportunities.
F. Potentially partner with a job placement organisation for Young Carers taking the ‘next step’ beyond a volunteering role.

Red Cross Tasmania (partnership confirmed) have a diverse and well established volunteering program, including reception; driver to collect clothing donations; administration to register donations; daily phone calls to older people living alone to make sure they are ok; and customer service skills at Red Cross shops.  Volunteers are trained through a dedicated Learning and Development Officer, with ongoing support provided. As an organisation with volunteering at the heart of its existence, Red Cross is well placed to provide challenging and developmental opportunities in a supportive environment across the State.