[Sub ID 4896] Transit to Work (Mediation Australia)

Submission ID: 4896
Organisation name: Mediation Australia
Contact name: Graeme Westaway
State: VIC
Contact email: graeme.westaway@mediation.com.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young parents


FMC works closely with individuals and families to address many social, relationship, mental health and financial issues that they face. FMC provides its services to over 7000 Victorians every year, across many areas including a significant cohort of clients from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through this work, FMC has been able ascertain that there are primary barriers that require addressing for our clients to lead satisfying and fulfilling lives. These are in effect the social determinants for an individual’s ability to be engaged and motivated enough to seek greater meaning through work. Informed by its insights into multi factor behavioural issues, FMC maintains that unless these barriers are addressed then the prospect of working is out of reach for our clients.

 FMC has consulted with staff and various research and communication experts to better understand what barriers are faced by this client group. From this came the idea. The objective of FMC’s proposal is to engage and motivate a cohort of young parents through a program of social determinant reduction and into the transition to work program. It will use a number of communication channels. Using the theory of behavioural change to drive the program and a population health approach for its management. FMC will focus on offering an engaging and rewarding program of social barrier reduction to its targeted cohort.