[Sub ID 4288] Job skills workshops and social inclusion services for young carers (Settlement Services International)

Submission ID: 4288
Organisation name: Settlement Services International
Contact name: Mr Thanh Nguyen
State: NSW
Contact email: tnguyen@ssi.org.au
Contact number: 0402771390

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Literature and data suggests that young carers are particularly vulnerable to low levels of participation in education, training, and employment.

What is your idea?
A career development program targeting all young carers but focusing especially on young carers from CALD backgrounds with three service options

The service options will make sure that young carers are equipped with the right knowledge and experience that match the increasing demands of the employers who are seeking workers with qualification and experience so that when they get a job they are able to retain their job.

Service option 1. Developing short goal setting workshops to identify employment/career plan in which the young carer identifies challenges to education and employment pathways and completion and maps strategies to overcome these. The workshop would motivate, inspire and build confidence and communication and networking skills.

Service option 2. Young carers who are disengaged from the community and lack social capital in their lives will be supported through organised monthly social events. The social events will provide young carers with the opportunity to network, gain knowledge and information from professionals and peers, and build on their interpersonal skills.

Service option 3. Employability workshops that could include mentorship will be delivered to young carers to improve their soft skills such as interview skills, presentation, resume writing, as well as offer young carers volunteering opportunity to gain the on job skills and experience that could potentially lead to paid employment. Service option 4. Moderated online forum for young carers that will enable young carers to reduce social and geographical isolation, connect, provide peer advice and support, conduct information sharing and exchange.

Referrals to this service will be made from the department of human services.