[Sub ID 4340] Job readiness training and driver training (Riverview Projects)

Submission ID: 4340
Organisation name: Riverview Projects
Contact name: Ms Susan Davis
State: ACT
Contact email: susan@ginninderry.com

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Conducting training/employment programs for the past 18 months in West Belconnen as well as advice from Group Training Organisations confirms that young people in the above cohorts are at risk of long-term unemployment and welfare dependency because they lack essential attributes employers require including:

1.Driver’s Licences – critical for young people in regional areas lacking access to public transport and marginalised and isolated because they don’t have a DL. The many hours of supervised driving needed for P’s is impossible to achieve for a young person on welfare payments. Industry sectors predicted to grow – building/construction, civil construction, aged/home/disability care, childcare, retail, hospitality require a DL.

2.Work Readiness – these skills must be customised for each young person to address their unique situations but may include:
• networking/relationship building
• conflict resolution
• financial management
• personal presentation/grooming
• resumes
• interview preparation

3.Numeracy and Literacy – conversational English, digital literacy and reading and writing skills are essential for further education, training and employment pathways. Federal and State funded numeracy and literacy programs have strict selection criteria, are targeted for migrants/refugees and are incompatible for young people in the above cohorts.

What is your idea?
Our IDEA is to establish a work readiness program delivered within the framework of a driver training program.

We know that young people in the identified cohorts will not readily attend work readiness and career development programs but will engage with a program that assists with the mandatory driving hours required to gain a Provisional drivers licence.

The program will be delivered in partnership with a local community service and transport organisation that has experience working with young people in the identified cohorts and the existing infrastructure including the Road Ready program, resources and insurances. This organisation has confirmed that they will deliver the program in a partnership with Riverview Projects.

Through participation and attainment of a number of work readiness skills, each young person will be rewarded with vouchers for “driving hours” which will provide a vehicle and a volunteer supervisor. Work readiness skills will include resume, interview, networking/relationship building, digital literacy, financial management and literacy and numeracy.

Delivered in West Belconnen (ACT) and Yass (NSW) the program will address the issue of suburban and regional transport issues for young people in the identified cohorts.

We believe that this community driving program is a new and innovative way of increasing the capacity of young people in the identified cohorts to participate in social and economic life and to live independently of welfare.

Through a 40 year delivery schedule of a large scale residential development, Riverview Projects has the capacity to place members of these cohorts into work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships and real jobs, once they have attained the necessary work readiness skills.