[Sub ID 4316] Bubgig – temporary and flexible employment support (Anglicare WA)

Submission ID: 4316
Organisation name: Anglicare WA
State: WA
Contact email: shae.garwood@anglicarewa.org.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young parents

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Anglicare WA utilised a brief Human Centred Design process to inform this submission, which generated the following insights:

The flexibility of available employment vacancies is a barrier for young parents, who are often single and have significant child care responsibilities. The length of time that they spend outside of the employment market creates a risk for long term unemployment.

Another insight is the fierce independence that young parents feel – that independence is well placed to operate in the gig economy.

What is your idea?
Bubgig would provide mentoring to assist young parents to try the ‘gig economy’ for flexible employment opportunities.

Bubgig mentors would assist young parents to understand the various gig economy websites that are available (eg airtasker, Uber, stellarhome, freelancer, findababysitter.com) and to do career development work to identify the skills that a parent has that could be useful in the gig economy.

Where needed, Bubgig mentors would attend the first few ‘gigs’ that a parent attends to increase their confidence.

Connection with the gig economy would then become a first step into more permanent employment.

Partnerships could be created to provide flexible child care options. For example the project could potentially be based out of parent focused co-working space, such as ‘Bubdesk’ with its attached crèche.