[Sub ID 4476] Job Keepers support for young parents and their employers (Policy Hack Table 8)

Submission ID: 4476
Organisation name: Policy Hack Table 8 (Parents)

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young parents

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Job Keepers is designed to address the logistical and non-vocational barriers that young parents face to get, hold and keep a job. It also raises awareness and ownership in employers – that if they invest in assisting a parent overcome these barriers then they can gain staff who meet their needs, remain in the job and increase productivity.

We know that parents tend to delay putting thoughts about working into action. One reason is that it’s time consuming, complex and sometimes expensive to investigate and organise what is needed to be able to actually get to work.

We also know that some employers are hesitant to hire young parents as they perceive that the parent will not be dependable as family commitments and logistics will get in the way.

What is your idea?
Job Keepers supports employers to create an inclusive environment and a holistic package of assistance for young parents. In partnership with young parents and employers case managers will assist and guide parents to overcome barriers to going to work, including but not limited to; arranging appropriate childcare; assisting with identifying and accessing travel to and from work and via childcare; arrange work hours and responsibilities around any education needs.

TTL funds will be used to problem solve with the young parents and coordinate employers and to provide them with appropriate guidance and support. They will also be used to assist with matching young parents with employers.

The parent will be hired under normal conditions but payment for the first X months will one of these options, when the employer will be required to take on the wage:

1. the parent’s welfare payment is paid to the employer to manage and pay to the parent, with a top up out of their own funds, if required to meet pay rates
2. the parent continues to receive their income support payment and the employer pays a ‘top up’ to the parent, if applicable.

Case management would taper off over a year.