[Sub ID 4494] Group learning and on-the-job experience in a crèche environment (Bridging the Gap Inc)

Submission ID: 4494
Organisation name: Bridging The Gap Inc
Contact name: Ms Jane McWhirter
State: WA
Contact email: jane.mcwhirter@bridgingthegap.org.au
Contact number: 0408118002

From our not-for-profit community organisations’ experience of over 30 years working with Youth and Young parents the challenge is that parents are still developing mentally, physically and emotionally. Added to this there are often the financial burdens, peer pressure, social isolation and loss of self-pride and lack of confidence to juggle on a dialy basis

Our innovative idea includes:

To provide a holistic approach to young parents and their children in a relaxed group learning environment to address their barriers, increase new skills and qualifications as well as the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience by working within a Creche environment throughout the duration of their training.

Our expected outcomes would include

We would expect a greater willingness by young parents to learn new skills. Indeed Parents would be learning many skills without being aware they are doing so. Each parent would have set responsibilities within the Creche, this would include, preparation of morning and afternoon tea, supervising children in their learning activities such as reading and playing. OH&S duties etc