[Sub ID 4402] Year 13 Ax – social media and website support (Esher House Pty Ltd)

Submission ID: 4402
Organisation name: Esher House Pty Ltd
Contact name: Mr Darren Coppin
State: QLD
Contact email: darren.coppin@esherhouse.org

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
There is a disconnect between how vulnerable youth reach out for help and the services available. This results in a huge long-term cost to both the individual and the public purse.

One in four young people currently has a mental health condition (Beyond Blue). We need to identify and support these individuals early so that early intervention and support can prevent them from becoming long-term welfare claimants.

Australia has several excellent youth support services. However, these are generally run by religious institutions, which young people can find alienating, and are delivered by adults who are perceived by the young person to have little credibility or genuine affinity with them. The last thing a depressed or anxious young person wants to do is proactively walk into an intimidating environment and speak to a complete stranger face-to-face.

82% of young Australians cite the internet as being very important in their life (ACMA) which presents a huge opportunity to support, intervene and signpost these vulnerable young people before it is too late. There are great support initiatives available: DES, ParentsNext, Reconnect, Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY etc. However, young people tend to Google, Snapchat or surf Facebook for answers or to avoid facing-up to their issues.

What is your idea?
“Year13 Ax”

This initiative aims to harness social media, behavioural science and predictive analytics to amplifying the impact of Australia’s initiatives targeting youth.

Year13 is a digital enterprise that is whole-heartedly dedicated to inspiring and supporting young Australians in their post-school endeavours. It already provides information and services for students, school-leavers and young people in Employment, Education, and Travel. Year13 has established itself as a trusted influencer amongst young audiences. It boasts 110,000 unique browsers a month, 93% aged 13-24. AUSTRALIA’S TROUBLED YOUTH ARE ALREADY VISITING YEAR13.

Esher House is a behavioural consultancy that exists to increase policy outcomes through science. Employment initiatives on three continents have utilised Esher House’s academically-informed assessments and interventions to effect world-leading increases in employment outcomes.

Together Esher House and Year13 harnesses behavioural insights, social media and predictive analytics to provide one-on-one support for its young student and young parent users. The Year13 Ax initiative will enable Young people to source immediate advice through the media they already use: email, texts, Snapchat, Facebook comments etc. Youth-credible support and direction will be informed by Esher House-trained coaches, with signposting to existing DSS and other initiatives. These initiatives will receive young people who are more knowledgeable and committed. Esher House’s lauded assessment data on that individual will ‘add value’ to that young person for the provider, with individualised tactics on how to maximise outcomes.