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1 Does the SDA Framework support funding adequacy, sufficient supply in volume and form, innovation and quality of design, participant choice and control and inclusion, value for money for participants, and appropriate levels of flexibility to meet changes in quality and safeguarding arrangements?

No. There is currently too much uncertainty in terms of who will be receiving a SDA package and then too much uncertainty about where the participants will be located and what level of funding they may receive.

The rules around construction of SDA are confusing and I would say confused. Compliance is open to risky interpretation.

2 What arrangements are required to stimulate investor interest in SDA, and impact on investor decisions to participate in SDA?

There needs to be greater transparency about where SDA participants are located and what levels of funding they are receiving.

3 Are there changes to the SDA Framework that would better enable market development?

The rules for construction of SDA need to be harmonized with other building codes to remove as much ambiguity as possible.

There also needs to be greater engagement from the NDIA with practitioners to answer questions about compliance given that NDIA is writing the rules and funding the projects.

4 Is the SDA Framework the most effective mechanism to continue supporting participant funding
arrangements and ongoing funding certainty, and other market settings for SDA

In isolation it can’t deliver what is required. Additional measures are needed to supply certainty to investors and practitioners.