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This consultation seeks to understand the experiences of people reporting employment income under the Paid Income Model, in comparison to the previous Earned Income Model.

This consultation forms the basis of an independent review of the Social Services and Other Legislative Amendment (Simplifying Income Reporting and Other Measures) Act 2020. This Act changed the way that people receiving a social security payment report how much money they receive from an employer.

The review is being undertaken by KPMG, an independent professional services firm with expertise in public engagement, government advisory and the human services sector.

Your views expressed through the review will be summarised into a report, which will be provided to the Minister for Families and Social Services and tabled in Parliament.

Your feedback will not be attributed back to you or the organisation you are representing. All feedback will not be used for any purpose other than to inform the review.

For more information about your privacy and how your information will be managed, please refer to the Privacy Notice.

For feedback, queries or complaints on this consultation, please email incomereporting@kpmg.com.au