Consultation period

8 April 2022 - 5:00 pm To 8 July 2022 - 5:00 pm

National Disability Advocacy Framework – Consultation Summary Report

The Department of Social Services (the department) asked for your feedback on the draft National Disability Advocacy Framework 2022-2025 (NDAF) from 8 April 2022 to 8 July 2022. 111 written submissions were received from people with disability, disability advocacy organisations and other stakeholders.

The department engaged The Social Deck to conduct a targeted consultation process. Consultation activities were undertaken in 16 locations across Australia, with over 500 participants. 40 percent of those participants were people with disability. A consultation summary report outlining findings is included below in a number of accessible formats.

The findings from consultation were used to inform and finalise the new National Disability Advocacy Framework 2023-2025 and Disability Advocacy Work Plan, available at

NDAF Consultation Summary Report – Standard Version

NDAF Consultation Summary Report – Easy Read


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